Chaos Comedy Productions / The Mark & Dre Show


We are happy to announce that in addition to our workshops and customized shows, we are now offering COACHING FOR PRESENTATIONS. 

No matter what your career path, there frequently comes a time when you will need to pitch an idea, speak in front of a group, or present ongoing campaigns. Rest assured, there are techniques and devices to help dramatically turn your ideas, thoughts and expressions into a captivating and effective performance. Although we are happy to coach/consult with accomplished performing artists as well, this is for the person who is looking for a supportive boost and professional/creative guidance with their presentations in whatever capacity is needed. 

Also it seems like a good idea to mention that although our website focuses on our shows, customized as well as all-entertainment, we happen to be some of the best Stiltwalkers/Stilt-dancers around! It’s extremely fun for us and a complete break from shows, to play around with being visual spectacles as a dancing stilt couple, or joking and interacting as various characters, face to face with event attendees. Thought it worth mentioning……….



The Mark & Dre Show has been performing their brand of chaotic comedy for corporate events, fairs & festivals, theaters, and community events this past summer. October has seen them dancing on stilts to live big bands in Reno at the Great Italian Festival & The Eldorado Casino. Upcoming, they will bring their action packed show to corporate,  private events, as well as public events like Uesugi Farm Pumpkin Festival for two back to back weekends in Morgan Hill. Then a special Halloween costume event at Bergamot Alley in Healdsburg, will have them perform musical comedy genius on a seven foot unicycle!


We’ve recently performed for Sonoma County Performing Arts Festival through a grant provided by Sonoma County’s Art Council, “A Night of Extreme Vaudeville-Survival Tips for the Reckless.” We had a blast, enlisted friends and peers and enjoyed a great turn out by a ruckus audience. We also just received a grant from ‘Theatre Bay Area’ to develop a script that was performed as a work in progress  at the San Francisco Fringe Festival 2009. This next draft will be entitled “Survival Tips for the Unlucky.” We are excited to embark on this project as it takes real life experiences and delves into a world of  tragic-comedic proportions. It will be a dark musical comedy wrapped around a fractured fairy tale about personal transformation, human spirit and the precarious art of survival. Performed with cirque physicality and live original music, this project’s goal will be to share a very personal experience while simultaneously expressing the universal story of people struggling with catastrophic life challenges.