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“…equivalent of scratching an itch I couldn’t reach.”– SF Bay Guardian

“The Mark & Dre Comedy Duo” & Ensemble Theatre Shows: “Carnival of Chaos”

Mark Bunnell and Andrea Terry are co-creator/directors of the San Francisco based performance troupe Carnival of Chaos.  The Carnival of Chaos began its journey in 2000 with the idea to create an exciting new form of theater.  This eclectic group merge an innovative combination of  vaudeville, cabaret and cirque to present an exciting new comedic theatre which they call Extreme Vaudeville. Extreme Vaudeville is a comedy driven theatre show with a creative mix of story, character, live music, sketch comedy , dance & high impact circus act physicality. The Carnival of Chaos  theatre show performs in theatres, clubs, art centers, museums, and festivals.

“…sexy and hilarious.– SF Bay Guardian

Critics Theater Favorites  /SF Chronicle


One hour show unless otherwise requested. Mark & Andrea present a ‘far-out’ extreme vaudeville.  variety  show which includes prop comedy, live musical parody, world class  juggling,  object manipulation, kooky dance, sketch comedy and dazzling acrobatic stunts. This variety comedy show is family entertainment at its best!  Innovative comedy and  circus physicality  is carried out with bold  theatrical flair and  well honed skills.   Their sixty minute  show comes fully  equipped with crazed music, a monster unicycle, super hero costumes, razor sharp knives  and a disdain for boring theater.  Fun for the whole family.  Don’t miss this awesome duo.


This multi talented group breathes life into “extreme vaudeville “and cabaret by blending the best of comedy, music, theater and circus arts.  Founding members, Mark Bunnell and Andrea Terry,  showcase their ying and yang comedic talents brilliantly as they co-direct this explosive performance group of musicians, jugglers, magicians, physical comedians, acrobats, contortionists, stilters, dancers, unicyclists and fire acts.  Original live music, audience participation and mad genius humor make each show an adventure unto itself. Expect lots of laughs and spectacle.  Leave the pillow at home as you will not be napping at this show!

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“What becomes of superheroes without X-ray vision who wouldn’t even think of   leaping a tall building, or stumble through life with monikers like Bucketboy, Psycho Juggler and Rockerchick? You won’t find these characters in any comic books —  they’re the Carnival of Chaos . . . Accompanied by the Chaos Orchestra, who rock the house with their funky sounds. . . ”

Critics Theater Favorites, SF Chronicle

“…sexy and hilarious.”–SF Bay Guardian