AKA: "Bonzai" - "The Juggling Tornado"
"Bucket Boy" - "Hey ... you!"

Mark Bunnell - prop comic

MARK BUNNELL is a multi-talented comedian who has been causing a rukus all over the world for years. He is currently co-director of "The Carnival of Chaos" and performs in collaborative ensembles, a duo comedy act, a 'one-man' show, and educational school programs. Yep, he's busy.

It was bumpy road to stardom for 'ol Mark. "He couldn't wait for success, so he started without it!" Upon returning from performing a duo comedy act throughout Europe, he finished up his graduate degree in psychology/counseling. After three fabulous years of practicing family therapy and generously sharing his own twisted view of reality, Mark decided there was not much difference between psychotherapy and addressing hecklers in a crowd..........at least for Mark. So he returned to the life of vaudeville, the collective unconscious breathed a sigh of relief, .................... A PROP COMIC WAS RE--BORN!!!!

Whether its street theater, mixed media stage producitons, commercials, festivals or corporate events--Mark brings a fast paced prop comedy show with audience participation and strange and hilarious stunts. bucket boy in actionTheatrical spectacle, character comedy, vaudeville styling and razor sharp wit are all a part of the package. Not to mention, the giant unicycle, raw eggs, torches, knives, buckets and other seeminlgy harmless yet fashionable household items.


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