"Critics' Theater Favorites"...You won't find these characters in any comic books -- they're the Carnival of Chaos,...accompanied by Madam Noire & the Chaos Orchestra, who rock the house with their funky sounds....They do wonders with glow sticks, a remote-control car, knives and malt liquor in their "Night of Extreme Vaudeville," directed by Andrea Terry and Mark Bunnell....It's funny. Go see it."
--SF Gate

"...Saturday Night Live meets the X games."
--Marin Independent Journal

"...highly qualified goofballs!"
--SF Examiner

"Chaos for Hire, was sexy and hilarious!"
... SFBG

"Carnival of Chaos was magical and hilarious....their props came so close to my face, I said out loud, "they better be good"! ... They changed my whole definition of vaudeville--something else!"
... Willie Brown, Ex-Mayor, Benefit at City Hall

"...equivalent of scratching an itch I couldn't reach."

"...defies categorization--60's surf riffs bled into 70's funk into avante guarde jazz."

"...gritty and evocative."
--LA Weekly

"...was like driving a car into Alice's wonderland.." --Goldendale Sentinal

"Thank you for your participation in the most exciting San Francisco Ballet opening ever. Your professionalism and showmanship really shined."
... Kathryn Keller, San Francisco Ballet Coordinator

"Your performance for us at Asilomar was wildly successful!...It exceeded everyone's expectations in stunning fashion that nite."
--Rob Shotwell/Asilomar Conference Ctr.

"The Carnival of Chaos had them rolling in the aisles ... so funny ... their timing was fantastic!"
... Esli Smith, School of Circus Arts Cabaret

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