Andre Terry

AKA "Dre" - "Red" - "Chaos Kitty"

ANDREA TERRY, co-director of Carnival of Chaos is a crazy vaudevillion, juggler/stiltwalker/
dancer, as well as an accomplished songwriter/musician. Andrea performs in collaborative cabaret ensembles and a vaudeville/comedy act for corporate--special events--theatres--festivals, and writes and performs educational programs for schools. She also performs as a solo songwriter and with various ensemble music groups.

Andrea has always subscribed to the philosophy that 'to act insane in an insane world, is perfecly sane.' With this guiding mantra, her music and theater background brought her to San Francisco in 1992 and attended San Francisco Art Institute where she learned just how important it is "to look cool." While practicing this precarious art form, she somehow managed to obtain her degree in Filmmaking. During which she performed as songwriter/singer with her group "Bones Hotel", as well as with a brass accordion band called "Blue Circus." She continues to collaborate and perform in both musical and theatrical venues as well as make films, and has written scores and soundtracks for other films like "Conceiving Ada" and "Get Over It."

As muscial director of Carnival of Chaos, Andrea combines originals and standards in a unique 'cabaret noir' flair, Tom Waits meets Edith Piaf. Andrea has performed world wide - well, maybe not Antartica ... but... just about everywhere else. Andrea along with Mark Bunnell are currently writing a theater show for Carnival of Chaos due to be performed sometime in late spring in San Francisco. Look for showtimes in the "About" section.


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