Quotes #1

“..Sonny & Cher on steroids!”

Times Herald

“…Saturday Night Live meets the X games.”

” Marin Independent Journal

“…highly qualified goofballs!”

 SF Examiner

Critics’ Theater Favorites “Night of Extreme Vaudeville,” directed by Andrea Terry and Mark Bunnell…. “They’re  hilarious. Go see them!”

” San Francisco Chronicle /sfgate.com

“..a highly physical comedic performance…edgy, eclectic and extremely entertaining…this is entertainment of the highest quality and originality.”

–John Moran, Sonoma County Arts Council

“Bunnell and Terry twin their physical skills with zany humor and high spirited fun!”

–North State Parent Magazine

“It’s chaos and I like it!”


“Many said it was the best LDI they had attended. You floored them! The group was enthralled by your act and you set the stage for an active and thoughtful day.”

–Gary Hochman HR Matrix

“Thank you for your participation in the most exciting San Francisco Ballet opening ever. Your professionalism and showmanship really shined.”

” Kathryn Keller, San Francisco Ballet Coordinator

“Your performance for us at Asilomar was wildly successful!…It exceeded everyone’s expectations in stunning fashion that nite.”

” Rob Shotwell/Asilomar Conference Ctr.

“Thank you for your magnificent performance … Your juggling, and humor were perfect …”

” Rosemary White, AT&T School of Business

“”Survival Tips for the Reckless” (theatre show) is a lesson in expecting the unexpected!”

–Bay Bohemian

“The Carnival of Chaos had them rolling in the aisles … so funny … their timing was fantastic!”

” Elsi Smith, School of Circus Arts Cabaret

“The Mark & Dre Show was one of the very best entertainment events this community has had in the years I’ve been producing the shows here!”

–Gary Sloan/Entertainment Director Veterans Home of California-Yountville